Sand Song - Frequently Asked Questions


The Cutaway, will host SAND SONG, an uplifting contemporary Aboriginal dance and theatre performance and workshop, during the October school holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age for participants in the workshop?

The 30 minute workshop has been created with 5 – 12 year olds in mind. Parents and carers must accompany their children and are encourage to watch, however the workshop is designed for children to participate in. Young people under the age of 15 must be accompanied at all times. Please note that there is only space for 150 workshop participants at each performance.

I don’t want to participate in the workshop, I only want to see the performance, is that ok?
The ticket price includes both the workshop and performance. If you choose not to attend the workshop please note that the performance will commence 45 mins after advertised start time. Running times are listed below.
How long is the performance?
10am performance
10-10.30am Workshop (30 mins)
10.30-10.45 Interval (15 mins)
10.45-11am Welcome song and entry (15 mins)
11-11.40 Performance (40 mins)
11.40 Post show (10 mins) the performers will interact with the audience post-performance, however you are free to leave at the conclusion of the performance.
11am performance 
11-11.30am Workshop (30 mins)
11.30-11.45am interval (15 mins)
11.45am-12noon Welcome song and entry (15 mins)
12-12.40pm Performance (40 mins)
12.40pm Post show (10 mins) the performers will interact with the audience post-performance, however you are free to leave at the conclusion of the performance.
1.30pm performance
1.30-2pm Workshop (30 mins)
2-2.15pm interval (15 mins)
2.15-2.30pm Welcome song and entry (15 mins)
2.30-3.10pm Performance (40 mins)
3.10pm Post show (10 mins) the performers will interact with the audience post-performance, however you are free to leave at the conclusion of the performance.
2.30pm performance
2.30-3pm Workshop (30 mins)
3-3.15pm interval (15 mins)
3.15-3.30pm Welcome song and entry (15 mins)
3.30-4.10pm Performance (40 mins)
4.10pm Post show (10 mins) the performers will interact with the audience post-performance, however you are free to leave at the conclusion of the performance.
What happens during a workshop before the show?
During the workshop, participants meet the performers and hear about how their country was created and about their family. They share the ideas around ceremony and singing, dancing and painting up their dreams.

The children are then asked to think about their dream and what they want to paint on their dream holder. The design on the jar is their own. Children then draw their image on a piece of paper before painting it onto the jar.

While the paint is drying, the children come back together and learn the Emu and Brolga dance. They are now ready for SAND SONG.

The children take their jars and bring them to SAND SONG. They are invited to place them on the edge of the sand, and watch the ceremonial performance. At the end of the performance the dancers light the candles in the children’s dream holders symbolically lighting up their dreams.
Can I reserve seating for the performance?
The performance is general admission and seating cannot be reserved.

We encourage children to sit on the floor around the SAND SONG artwork. Families and carers will be provided chairs and can sit in close proximity to their children.
What happens during the performance?
The audience enters the contemporary ceremony ground where the SAND SONG ground art pattern is lined with hundreds of dream holders which have been painted by the children as part of the workshop process and the 5 performers perform a dance theatre work.

Aboriginal artist and storyteller Rick Roser and four dancers perform on a large artwork of red sand, white ochre, emu feathers and five towering ancestor poles. Roser tells the captivating story using traditional Aboriginal bush craft techniques such as fire-making, ochre-spraying and net-weaving.
Are there and special group prices for schools and groups?
Yes, tickets are only $18 per person based on groups of 10 or more.
What time should I arrive?
It’s a great idea to arrive early, the Cutaway is located at Barangaroo Reserve. If you are collecting your tickets from the Box Office (located at the entrance of the Cutaway), we recommend doing this at least 30 minutes before the event starts. If you have already received your tickets, aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the event.

If you are late, we will seat you as soon as possible, but please be aware late comers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.
What are the transport and parking options available?
Barangaroo is very well connected to public transport. Options can be found here.  
If you are driving, Wilson Carpark is your best option.
Can I take photos during the event?
No, photography is not permitted during the workshop or performance.
Where can I eat nearby?
There are many options located in Barangaroo's food precinct – only a short walk from The Cutaway. Please note we don’t allow food or drink inside the venue.

Ordering a Pop Up Picnic is a great option for families wanting to picnic in the Reserve before or after the performance.
Who are the creative team and performers of SAND SONG?

Co-Creators: Walbira Murray and Elena Vereker

Director: Elena Vereker

Choreographer: Deon Hastie 

Composers: James Henry and Lou Bennett

Performer: Deon Hastie

Performer: Sani Townson

Performer: Hannah Scanlon

Performer: Carly Sheppard

Performer: Jesse Martin

Narrator/Performer: Rick Roser 

SAND SONG Designer: Walbira Murray

Costume Designer: Josh MacIntosh

Lighting Designer: David Walters

Technical & Production Manager: Niccolo Gallio

Tour Producer: Insite Arts – Lee Cumberlidge

Where will the performance take place?
Sand Song will be performed inside the Cutaway during daylight hours. The Cutaway has a void which allows natural light into the performance area. A site-specific version of the performance has been developed for the Cutaway. SAND SONG has previously been performed outdoors and in theatres. Please note: the Cutaway is undercover but is exposed to external weather conditions, bring along warm and windproof clothing.
Who are the authorised ticket sellers for this event?
Will tickets be available on the day?
Yes, however only a small allocation will be available. We recommend you pre-purchase to secure your place, especially if you want your children to participate in the workshop as places are limited.
Do you have a babes in arms policy?
Babes in arms (children under two) are free if they sit on the lap of their parent or carer.
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