The GIPA Act 

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) allows public access to Government information as requested, including information about the Barangaroo Delivery Authority.

The GIPA Act replaced the old Freedom of Information Act 1989 (NSW) on 1 July 2010 with the aim of maintaining an open, accountable, fair and effective system of democratic government.

Government information needs to be released if public interest considerations in favour of disclosure outweigh public interest considerations against disclosure.


There are a range of penalties that may be applied to the Authority under the GIPA Act, including:

  • an officer knowingly allowing a formal access application contrary to the requirements of the GIPA Act
  • directing an officer to make a decision that is not permitted or required by the GIPA Act
  • improperly influencing a decision on an access application
  • knowingly misleading or deceiving an officer for the purpose of obtaining access to government information
  • concealing, destroying or altering information for the purpose of preventing the release of information.

More information about the GIPA Act, and access to government held information, is available on the NSW Information Commissioner's website.

Complaints and Queries

Please direct all complaints and queries in relation to the GIPA Act to:

Right to Information Officer
Barangaroo Delivery Authority
Level 27, 201 Kent Street

Office hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5.30pm

Phone: +61 2 9255 1700

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