Date Media Release
22 December 2010 Barangaroo's headland park earth works to start in February 2011
16 December 2010 Barangaroo- The place to be on New Year's Eve
16 December 2010 Barangaroo concept plan approved
11 November 2010 Project development agreement- Further financial information disclosed
09 November 2010 Work scheduled to start at Barangaroo this year
09 November 2010 Detailed Barangaroo headland park plans on public exhibition
27 October 2010 New Barangaroo alliance
21 October 2010 Barangaroo plans reflect the way that Sydneysiders want to enjoy their city
12 October 2010  Innovative remediation technology proposed at Barangaroo
11 October 2010  Next steps to deliver Barangaroo- Six companies shortlisted for first work on headland park
30 September 2010  Premier assumes responsibility for Barangaroo
29 September 2010  Barangaroo Delivery Authority- PDA amendment released
22 September 2010  Statement on Clover Moore 
22 September 2010  Statement by Premier Kristina Keneally on Barangaroo Delivery Authority Board
15 September 2010  Letter from chairman Mike Collins to Premier Kristina Keneally
14 September 2010  Community encouraged to submit ideas for Barangaroo (community plan submissions)
12 September 2010 Community debate encouraged- Barangaroo Delivery Authority
24 August 2010 Barangaroo project development agreement delivers on key public expectations
09 August 2010 Foreshore walk remains open with protection diversions- Barangaroo Delivery Authority
04 August 2010 Lend Lease application expected to go on public exhibition shortly
16 July 2010 A park for recycled land The Sun Herald Letter
10 July 2010 Design revealed for Barangaroo headland park
09 July 2010 NSW taxpayers to foot Barangaroo clean up bill The Sun Herald Letter
07 July 2010 Foreshore walk remains open as Lend Lease starts works
22 June 2010 Board accepts revised proposal for Barangaroo South
16 June 2010 Barangaroo Delivery Authority's issues of principle and public feedback guiding an improved, revised proposal for Barangaroo South
08 June 2010 Barangaroo delivered at no cost to community
06 May 2010 Nearly 10,000 Sydneysliders have now viewed plans for Barangaroo
24 April 2010 Barangaroo workshops to be held across Sydney
23 March 2010 Barangaroo public display extended until 31 March
23 February 2010 Green light for $6 Billion Barangaroo contract
23 February 2010  Barangaroo to benefit from metropolitan transport plan

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