What is involved with the onsite remediation at Barangaroo?

A conventional approach is being used to excavate around 150,000 tonnes of contaminated fill material from the part of Barangaroo known as Blocks Four and Block Five, and under Hickson Road.  The excavated materials will be disposed from the site to EPA-licenced waste facilities. 

The first stage of the remediation works has been the construction of an underground perimeter ‘bathtub’ wall, which extends down to the bedrock (3 metres deep at Hickson Road, 15-18 metres deep on western side). This wall has been constructed to minimise water flow on to and off the area during the remediation excavation works. The second stage of the remediation works comprises the main excavation works in which odour control enclosures will be constructed on the site to allow for commencement of remedial excavation works.

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