Where has this been done before?

Remediation of former coal-fired manufactured gas plants using the same methods being used at Barangaroo has been successfully undertaken on numerous sites across Sydney, NSW and in other parts of Australia, the UK, Europe and the US.   

The remediation works and the control measures to be undertaken are well understood methods that have been demonstrated to be protective of human health and the environment. The most recent remediation of a former coal fired manufactured gas plant in Sydney was at the former naval base in Neutral Bay, known as HMAS Platypus. The gasworks operated at Platypus in the early 1900s and used the same manufacturing process as the Millers Point Gasworks. The remediation methods applied at the Platypus site are similar to those to be adopted at the Barangaroo site. Remediation of the Platypus site was completed in 2016.

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