The Liminal Hour is a work by Erth, Jacob Nash, James Brown and Mandylights.

“Marri Dyin is a spirit of immense power, but she takes counsel from those of us with the smallest voices. It is my hope that through this work we convey the desire for a future where all are equal regardless of gender, race or beliefs. When you experience this work, you’ll see a mixed group of people, whose combined voice affirms and honours the fact that together we stand on the land of the oldest continuously living culture. Therefore a process of ongoing consultation continues with members of the First Nations community because valuing this in everything we do, is the key to our future.”
– Scott Wright, Artistic Director of Erth


Creative Director: Scott Wright
Executive Director: Sharon Kerr
Lead Puppet Designer: Steve Howarth
Producer: Ella Millard
Project Manager: Mark Adams
Production Manager: Judy Reardon
Vocalisations: Zaachariaha Fielding
Movement Director: Jo Clancy
Language Advisor: Prof. Jakelin Troy
Makers: Katrina Lynch, Celia Curtis, Cassilda Parkinson, Max Nippard, Aron Dosiak, Joanna Gust, Indigo Redding, Jacob Stevens, Ryan Kearins (Maker Intern), Mia Ardianto (Design Intern)
Performers: Alisha Rasmussen, Kaitlyn O'Leary, Solomon Thomas, Albert David, Erica Englert, Gab Paananen, Kailah Cabanis, Sam Hickey, Kassidy Waters, Katina Olsen, Mathias Olofsson, Nick O'Reagan, Phoebe Fuller, Shana O'Brien, Jon Clarke, Michelle Robin Anderson
Crew: Michelle Sverdloff, Meg Stephens, Lucy Dinh, Shae Attrill, Alistair Wyatt, Grace Heggs

Jacob Nash

Production and Site Designer: Jacob Nash
Scenic consultancy and construction: Rick Best, Planet Engineering


Lighting Designer: Richard Neville
Associate Lighting Designer: Adrienn Lord
Technical Designer: Clint Dulieu
Audio Systems and Operator: James Stewart
Production Manager: Corey O’Malley
Production Technician: Nick Sheen
General Manager: Kate Chalker

James Brown

Sound Design and Composition: James Brown

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