NYE18 at Barangaroo Reserve Terms and Conditions of entry

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  1. By purchasing tickets for, and attending NYE18 at Barangaroo Reserve
    (NYE18) all attendees agree to these terms and conditions and to
    follow the directions of the Barangaroo Delivery Authority (the
    Authority) at all times.
    Any parent or guardian or a minor attending NYE18 acknowledges and
    agrees the following matters, on their own behalf and on behalf of the
  2. The area of the event is restricted to Barangaroo Reserve (NYE18 area).
    The time period of the event is 6:00pm on 31 December 2018 to
    12.45am on 1 January 2019.
  3. Fireworks are presented by the City of Sydney. The Authority is not
    responsible and will not issue refunds in the event that the fireworks are
    cancelled by City of Sydney or in the event of bad weather.
  4. Attendees must abide by the following:
    • at the point of entry, attendees will be subject to bag searches
      and enhanced security screening before entering the site for the
    • attendees must also comply with any other request for bag
      searches made by the Authority in the NYE18 area.
    • attendees must produce identification (a Passport, Australian
      Driver’s Licence, International Driver’s Licence or Adult Proof of
      Age card) when requested including prior to any alcohol
      purchase and on collection of pre-purchased wine.
  5. Attendees must NOT bring the following items into the NYE18 area:
    • alcohol;
    • any illicit substances;
    • any beverage that is not sealed including thermoses;
    • glassware or breakable containers;
    • hard eskies or any soft esky larger than 20 litre capacity;
    • offensive weapons including: knives (other than small sized
      picnicware), laser pointers and potential missiles;
    • Umbrellas above 50cm in length, tarps, tents, shade structures,
      tables, milk crates or chairs (other than low line beach chairs).
      There shall be no pegging or other penetration to the turf;
    • Fireworks, sparklers, open flames including candles, party
      poppers, balloons;
    • BBQs and cooking equipment;
    • balls, frisbees, skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bicycles, kites
      and drones;
    • pets other than Assistance Dogs; and,
    • any item which is illegal or which the Authority considers
      dangerous , or could cause nuisance or offence.
      Restricted items will be confiscated.
  6. NYE18 is a smoke free event. Attendees must not smoke except within
    designated smoking areas. These areas will be signposted.
  7. The Authority may refuse any person entry to the NYE18 area, and may
    require any person to immediately leave the event area, where
    required for safety reasons, if the person refuses to relinquish restricted
    items or where the person is intoxicated, engaging in behaviour which
    the Authority deems to be anti-social or dangerous or otherwise fails to
    comply with these terms and conditions.
  8. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by
    an adult parent or guardian at all times.
  9. By purchasing tickets and participating in NYE18, attendees agree to
    waive, release and discharge the Authority from any suite, demand or
    claim, whether present, future, or contingent arising as a cause of
    purchasing tickets for or attending NYE18.
  10. Attendees agree that they may be photographed and/or filmed. The
    images and/or film may be used for future promotional purposes
    related to Barangaroo, at no cost and without further request for
  11. No pass outs will be issued once attendees have entered the NYE18
  12. Refunds will not be issued for a change of mind or incorrect purchase
    and the Ticketek terms and conditions of sale apply.
  13. The Authority is not responsible for the interference of the event by third
    parties, such as NSW Police.
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