Pesticide Use Notification – Monday 30 August

The Pesticide Use Notification Plan was prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 2009 (the Regulation).

The Plan sets out how Infrastructure NSW will notify members of the community of proposed use of pesticides in any public place the Authority owns or controls. Please see below for current and/or recent pesticide use notifications.

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Pesticide Use Notification – Monday 30 August


Applications will take place on: Monday 30 August (contingency Tuesday 31 August –  Friday 10 September)

The pesticides are: Spearhead Post Emergent / Tribute Pre-Emergent

It is being used to treat: Broadleaf weeds, summer grass weeds

The pesticide will be applied to: All lawn areas; Barangaroo Reserve and Hickson Park

It will be applied by: Toro Pedestrian Sprayers x 2

The re-entry period is: Once dry on leaf blade

The contractors are: Living Turf


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