Pesticide Use Notification - Monday 21 March 2023


The pesticides are:

Propyzamide Posts Emergent Winter Grass, Pre-emergent Poa. Rate 250ml/ha, Moisture Retaining Soil Wetting Agent, Acidify Rhizosphere & Spring Dead Spot Fungicide.

Application will take place on:

Monday 21 March 2023

Contingency 22-23 March 2023

It is being used to treat:

Post emerging turf weeds and Spring Dead Spot.

The pesticide will be applied to:

All turf areas.

It will be applied by:

2 x Toro Pedestrian Sprayers.

The re-entry period is:

Once dry on leaf.


Monday 27 February 2023



Need further information?            Contact – Precinct Manager - Barangaroo


Phone 02 9216 5700

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