Event Notification: NAIDOC Up Late: Trailblazers - June 2023


Upcoming event: NAIDOC Up Late: Trailblazers

The event will take palce at the following times:

  • Saturday 1 July: 1pm – 10pm

Barangaroo will host NAIDOC Up Late: Trailblazers within the Cutaway, Barangaroo Reserve 
featuring a basketball competition and a mix of performers of First Nations and diverse
backgrounds with an urban sound.

For more information and to stay up to date with planning on NAIDOC Up Late: Trailblazers at
Barangaroo, please visit the Barangaroo website at https://www.barangaroo.com/whatson/events/naidoc-up-late-trailblazers

What you can expect

- Noise from site set up and installation of the performance space. All work zones will be managed
by experienced site staff.

- Vehicle movements throughout the Cutaway during the site set up and bump out period. All
vehicle movements will be managed by experienced site staff and/or licensed traffic controllers
and will avoid peak traffic times where possible.

There will be an impact to noise levels from the event activities between the following hours:

Rehearsals: Friday 30 June, 12pm – 6pm
Event Day: Saturday 1 July, 10am – 11pm

Crowd numbers
- 1,500 patrons

Work hours
- Site set up and installation works will take place:

From Monday 26 June – Friday 30 June: 7am – 7pm
Friday 30 June 7am – 9:30pm

- Pack down activities will take place:
From Sunday 2 July – Tuesday 4 July: 7am – 7pm

- Additional sound and light testing will take place on:
Thursday 29 & Friday 30 June: until 10pm

Activation hours: Saturday 1 July | 1pm – 11pm

Phone: 1300 966 480
Email: barangaroo.precinct@property.nsw.gov.au

For contact during bump in and the event hours, please email

Please contact Place Management NSW during office hours on 1300 966 480 if you have any

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